moonrise self care
is a space for you to tap into your own self care....
...because when we take care of ourselves, we have the capacity to give ample energy to our family and fellow humans...
...because when we show up for ourselves, we are able to handle whatever life throws at us, big or small...
...because when we listen to ourselves, we instinctively make choices that serve our greatest values...
...because when we make time for ourselves, we are able to show up to everything we do in a way that's thoughtful, intentional, and full of passion.
This is a space for you to learn new ideas, tips and tricks - and to form new habits and rituals around what self care is for YOU.
It doesn't always mean a spa vacation - in fact, it hardly does (although when that is what is called for and you listen & make time for, it's OH so good!).  
Self care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health.
Self care can be cleaning your kitchen or organizing your closet when that is what's calling you.  It can be a regular yin yoga practice.  It can be connecting with friends regularly.  It can be meditation.  It can be setting intention with crystals and intentionally placing them around your space.  It can be cozy socks.  It can be warm tea.  It can be regularly drinking water. 
Self care is what is good for your soul and allows you to show up to your best self. 
 Through regular yin + slow flow yoga classes (from the comfiness of your own space!) offered live virtually and on the MoonRise Channel with 24/7 access; intention setting with ethically sourced crystals; and moon practices, this is your space to turn to for your self care resources.
welcome home.
hi, i'm jenny,
I am a mom to the sweetest son (and three fur babies!), wife, DJ (  j|adore ), designer ( let's do something good ), yoga teacher and self care coach. 
I am crystal + moon + plant + ocean + comfy clothes obsessed!  I am plant-based in my eating and am a sucker for incredible vegan sushi.  I LIVE for summer but also love the coziness of fall. If it's winter & cold out, I want it to SNOW!
I love to tap into continuing education in so many different realms of self care.  I currently live in the northern Denver, Colorado area but have been loving bringing my brand and offerings online and meeting people across the world. 
I am an ocean girl (check out my sister yoga space  the kai life which I'm creating for the beach yoga obsessed like me!).  I try to find my way to the ocean's edge whenever possible. 
Stay tuned for oceanside retreat opportunities!
I have expressed myself through movement for as long as I can remember and have been practicing and teaching movement through dance and yoga for nearly 30 years!  I combine my advanced education in hot yoga, vinyasa, yin, restorative, aerial trapeze yoga, pranayama, classical ballet and modern dance into my sessions.
Recently, I've been deep diving into learning all about crystals - their properties, ethically sourcing them and more - it's been SO fascinating to me! I'm thrilled to be able to pass on these beauties and everything I learn about them to you through the  moonrise crystal boutique
Don't hesitate to  reach out  if you are looking for a particular piece or have questions!
In 2020, I became a rep with Savii.  It's a brand that I personally love to wear (my favorite fit line) and a company that I love and resonate with the philosophy and purpose.  Savii is an active wear line that easily moves from your yoga mat to date night.  The clothing is absolutely the comfiest.  I would love to answer any questions you have, speak to you about joining my Savii team so that you can share it with your community and help to style you!  Reach out to me with any questions.
Since becoming a mother, it has become more and more apparent to me just how essential a strong & constant self care practice is, and how it isn't always (ever?!) a weekend getaway or spa day!  I realize that when I am at my healthiest self - mind, body and heart - I'm able to show up for myself, my family and my community in my best + most magical way.  I love to see the impact that a self care practice has on my students lives and have dedicated MoonRise to this important infusion.  I hope that this becomes a sweet space for you to tap into and build lifelong practices through.  
I am continuously reminded that I learn the most through my students.
As a teacher : I welcome you completely where you are at, to come as you are, and I invite you to modify your practice for exactly what you need in the moment.  I always create each session to be specific for your needs and want to hear what you're craving (don't hesitate to  reach out and request!).  
I promise to always offer you thoughtful time, space, sequences, energy and instruction. I will never pretend to know everything. I am completely open to feedback. I remain a student, constantly growing my own practice and continuing my own education.
xo, jenny white


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