i believe that kindness matters, in uplifting someone else, in the ripple effect and in paying it forward. 

i believe that the world needs more love and kindness and that we have the potential to change someone's day with a small gesture.

When I began the MoonRise crystal boutique, I knew that I wanted to incorporate a #CrystalRippleEffect into it from the start, so I began gifting a FREE crystal with every purchase.  It's become one of the most important parts of the boutique to me.  With each purchase, you'll receive a free crystal - you could keep it for your collection, gift to a friend or share with a stranger.  And each Sunday, I host a giveaway on the MOONRISE INSTAGRAM , sending two rose quartz points (one for you and one for a friend) to the winner!  Set an intention behind it and pass those vibes on!  

Every month, I feature a SPECIAL giveaway with purchases over $60 :

february rose quartz gift

For the entire month of February, you'll be gifted two Rose Quartz points with any purchase totaling $60+!

Nothing special for you to do, a piece will automatically be sent when your purchase totals $60+.


#crystalrippleeffect self care sunday giveaway

Each week, I host a giveaway on the MOONRISE INSTAGRAM (instastories) as a way to help pay it forward.  For this crystal ripple effect giveaway, I randomly choose a winner to receive 2 rose quartz points - one to keep and one to gift to a friend or stranger.  Be sure to post about your crystals and who you give your second piece to, tag us + #CrystalRippleEffect !


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