CELEBRATE : July Backyard Full Moon Amethyst Crystal Infused Vin Yin Yoga 

MON JUL 6, 2020  8:00pm - 9:30pm MST 


The moon is our closest celestial neighbor and powerfully influences every living thing on our planet. Within 28 days, the moon passes through 8 phases, each with its own unique characteristics. The energy of the arguably most influential phase - the full moon - lends for a magical, beautiful and important practice.

Join me for a monthly ALL LEVELS Full Moon Amethyst Crystal Infused Vin Yin Yoga OUTSIDE IN MY BACKYARD! Practice in celebration of everything you have achieved throughout the previous phases of the moon.

This is the time that our intentions, dreams and goals come into fruition, it's time to celebrate our accomplishments and create space if things are holding us back.

We will begin and end class by short guided journaling (please bring your moon journal or paper & pen to your mat), and then will practice a gentle vinyasa followed by a calm and serene yin yoga sequence, targeted towards the energy of this specific full moon, and incorporating amethyst crystals throughout our poses.  Class is all levels.


You will be sent address information before the event (location is in Thornton, about 20 minutes north of Denver). You'll be sent directions on where to park and how to enter my backyard through our side gate. Mats will be placed in accordance with conservative social distancing guidelines and as much as I want to HUG you, I'll offer you an elbow instead. I will practice 6+ feet throughout our class. Please bring your own (filled) water bottle. This event is outdoors, so in the case of bad weather, it will be rescheduled. If you are sick or have been around anyone who has been sick, PLEASE let me know and we will cancel your spot. If I have any symptoms or have been around anyone who has been sick, I will cancel class. Everyone in attendance needs to be healthy and able to practice yoga. I, Jenny, assume no responsibility for yoga injuries or any other ailment. By joining class you accept these terms.


- A yoga mat

- We use a lot of props in this practice, and they can be a VARIETY of props. 

Bring to your mat :

Yoga blocks (if you don't have any don't worry!  Any of the below is a great substitute)

Yoga bolster (if you don't have one, grab a couple of pillows from your bed)

A yoga blanket/Mexican blanket (if you don't have one, a few towels will be perfect!)

- An amethyst crystal.  Attendance to this class is FREE if you purchase one from my crystal boutique (click HERE for inventory). I can ship your crystal to you prior to class, or have it ready for you at class time.

- A journal or paper & pen

Tickets are final sale. 

PRICE : $25/person or 50% off with the purchase of an amethyst crystal from MoonRise Self Care Crystal Boutique 


*NOTE - if you purchase an amethyst crystal from the MoonRise boutique, please reach out to me at jenny@moonriseselfcare.com to let me know that you want to attend class and for your 50% off discount code!