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dream : July New Moon Lemurian Crystal Infused Yin Yoga Practice 

MON JUL 20, 2020  8:30pm - 9:45pm MST 


The moon is our closest celestial neighbor and powerfully influences every living thing on our planet. Within 28 days, the moon passes through 8 phases, each with its own unique characteristics. The new moon is the start of this cycle, and the time that we set our dreams and intentions for the next month.  Teamed up with the summer solstice, this month's new moon is a POWERFUL time to make time to dream and set intentions.

Join me for a monthly ALL LEVELS New Moon Lemurian Crystal Infused Yin Yoga Practice.

Expect to tune into the power, purpose, creativity, dreams and energy that will set you up strongly for the upcoming moon phases. 

We will begin and end class by short guided journaling (please bring your moon journal or paper & pen to your mat), and then will practice a calm and serene yin yoga sequence, targeted towards the energy of this specific new moon, and incorporating lemurian crystals throughout our poses.  Class is all levels. 


- You can practice yin yoga anywhere in your home.  Try to set up in a quiet space.  It's lovely to incorporate your favorite candles and essential oils. 

- I prefer to practice yin yoga on a yoga mat, however it's not necessary.  We use a lot of props in this practice, and they can be a VARIETY of props. 

Bring to your mat :

Yoga blocks (if you don't have any don't worry!  A stack of books would be a great substitute)

Yoga bolster (if you don't have one, grab a couple of pillows from your bed)

A yoga blanket/Mexican blanket (if you don't have one, a few towels will be perfect!)

- A lemurian crystal.  Attendance to this class is FREE if you purchase one from my crystal boutique (click HERE for inventory)

- A journal or paper & pen

Tickets are final sale.  Class will be held online via zoom (free app) - you will be emailed login information with purchase.

PRICE : $20/single; $30/couple practicing in the same household or FREE with the purchase of a lemurian crystal from MoonRise Self Care Crystal Boutique 

*NOTE - if you purchase a lemurian crystal from the MoonRise boutique, you will get your invitation to class with login information several days within purchasing.  Please take into account the shipping of your new crystal and purchase early enough to receive (purchase by 7/15 strongly suggested. 

I am located in the North Denver area and you're welcome to pick your crystal up instead if you purchase late!)

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