CREATE : July New Moon Vision Journaling + Tea Sipping Happy Hour 

TUES JUL 21, 2020  5:30pm - 6:30pm MST 


Sisters, the new moon is the start of the moon cycle, and the time that we set our dreams and intentions for the next month.  

So let's put pictures to paper and put our dreams for this moon cycle down in our journals while we hang with each other virtually, sipping tea under July's new moon. 

Ya, we are going to uplift the heck out of happy hour!

Join me for a FREEEEEE New Moon Vision Journaling Tea Happy Hour!

Bring your moon journal (or a fresh journal to start one), pour your favorite tea and dial into this zoom.  We will vision journal for this moon cycle together while hanging out and  learning about the new moon in Leo.


New to vision journaling?  It's like a vision board in your journal! 

The PERFECT self care activity during the week of the new moon, vision journaling will help you put your short term (or long term) intentions in place!


- Set up your device in a quiet space that has some room for you to spread out 

- Tea - brew your favorite and pour it into your cute mug

- A journal (you can use your existing journal, moon journal - or grab a new one.

- Pictures that inspire you.  Take a few days before our gathering to collect pics that relate to your current dreams & goals, or bring some magazines and cut as you go.

- Scissors, tape, glue, markers

- Glitter, stickers or anything else that feels magical to add

INVESTMENT : $0 yup you read that right lady.  This is FREE and my way to give back to all of the women who support me on the daily.  I can't wait to hang out with you under this new moon!  INVITE YOUR FRIENDS!