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wild moon sisters,

We hope that you are enjoying the energy shift surrounding the new moon this week, and that it guides you to lean into peace and quiet.

We can't wait to come together with you online for a Virtual New Moon Circle on December 14th - in the meantime, this November New Moon ritual is our gift to you. 

Find a quiet space tonight or in the nights surrounding tonight's New Moon and enjoy.

love, jenny & lisa

new moon in scorpio

The time of the New Moon is ALWAYS a quiet reset of our energy. 

It's a new beginning and a reminder to come back to ourselves.  To reflect and dream.  To nourish and prepare.

Scorpio's New Moon is no different, but possibly even more important to lean in.  To all of this.

The energy in Scorpio can be heightened and passions can run high (Um, ya! Do you feel it?!  We feel it!), so surrendering into the quiet energy of the New Moon and any extra nourishment that you can provide your soul is even more welcomed now. 

 If dark shadows come out as they are called to ... notice them, but contemplate how you can brighten them up. 

Always come back to you.

Sister - if there was ever a time for your favorite feel good self care acts, it is now.


scorpio new moon meditation


Friends, let's begin this ritual by grounding down and tapping into our breath.

Find a comfortable seated position and place your hands in Dhyana Mudra - send your left hand to your lap with your palm facing up.  Place your right hand on top of your left hand, again with your palm facing up.  Draw the tips of your thumbs together.

Close your eyes and exhale your breath out.

Take a big inhale and exhale.

Let yourself get lost in your breath.

If thoughts come into your head, let them float by like a cloud and come back to your breath.

Take 10 breaths here, or stay for longer if it feels great.

Once you've finished your breathing, gently flutter your eyes open and take note of what has shifted for you.



scorpio new moon card reading


Hello sweet friends!  


When I sat down to do our card reading for this month, I thought it was interesting that my pendulum chose the following decks: Keepers of the Light & Work Your Light.  It is fascinating because I believe in order for us to move freely through the light, we must dip into the dark aspects of our life so that we can explore, investigate, dream, & heal.


So here you go...these cards may or may not resonate in the moment but be open to what they might be offering you.  You could perhaps even journal about some ideas from the card to see what might come up for you.  As we move into the darkness of the new moon, these cards are suggesting we retreat, rest, forgive & honor ourselves.  WOW! 


So honored to explore the deeper meanings of our lives with all of you.  



ps click the images to enlarge

unnamed (1).jpg

scorpio new moon journaling


As we move into the darkness of the new moon, do you feel comfortable in this energy?

Do you feel comfortable hanging out in this space of not knowing what might be coming into fruition & trust that something new is being born?

Journal on this and any other thoughts that come up, however long you are called to.

scorpio new moon yin 


Take Legs Up The Wall or Savasana :


You can take this pose from the center of your space, or against the wall.  

If you're going to a wall, lay in a fetal position close to the wall and scooch your hips towards the wall, send your legs up.  

If you're taking it from the center of the room, simply lift your legs up.

In either variation, you can place a pillow or blanket under your hips if that feels good to you.

Place one hand to your heart and the other to your belly.


Lay down with nothing touching you, take up space and tuck your shoulder blades under you.  Actively flip your palms to the sky.

In both poses, keep coming back to your calm breath.  Stay for 5-10 minutes and then gently unravel out of it.


enhance this new moon cycle


These are some of our favorite ways to enhance this particular New Moon :

Take an epsom salt bath

Light a candle

Enjoy a glass of red wine

Practice yin yoga 

(ps, join us for yin next week - Jenny is teaching Monday night 8:15pm (sign up HERE) & Lisa is teaching Tuesday night 7:30pm (sign up HERE) , both virtually).

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