3 simple tips to kickoff a lifelong meditation ritual

Updated: Aug 6

"I cannot focus in there.  All I think about is my meditation room, and how to decorate!" ... "Are you shitting me?  The meditation room is within, Groceries.  Decorate that!" - Eat, Pray, Love

The truth is, meditation can be practiced anywhere, at any time.  Once you gain a stronger and more regular meditation practice, you see how this becomes possible.  But, the truth also is that when kicking off a meditation practice, it's helpful to remove any and all distractions and to create a RITUAL for yourself.   

A ritual is a ceremony consisting of a series of actions performed according to a prescribed order.  We place value in our rituals.  We show up for them no matter the circumstance.  When you can transform the time that you devote to your self care  - whether it be meditation, your yoga practice, body work, home spa time, nap time, reading self improvement books, etc - into a ritual, you'll be amazed at the impact it begins to have in your life.

When you can transform the time that you devote to your self care into a ritual, you'll be amazed at the impact it begins to have in your life.

Use These 3 Simple Tips To Kickoff A Lifelong Meditation Ritual

1. Set Your Space & At Least Move The Laundry

We don't all have that picture perfect meditation room, and truly it's not necessary.  But, showing up to the same space when possible allows you to show up for your practice.

Decide on a space that is fairly instantly accessible and free from distractions.  A quiet corner in your bedroom would be more ideal than in front of the television.  A private, lesser frequented area of your home would be more ideal than a heavily trafficked space your family or roommates walk through constantly.

Declutter your area.  Make it clean, simple and warm.  Make it beautiful.  Gather a few items that you love to place around your area and maybe place an oil diffuser nearby.  Consider placing a meditation cushion.  This part of the step is completely personal preference....but at least move the laundry ;)

2. Commit To A Time Of Day

Like any habit or ritual or success in life, consistency tends to be key.  Choose a time of day that you'll be able to regularly commit time to your meditation.  

Meditating first thing in the morning with a clear head and the ability to wake a few minutes early to devote to it might be a good fit (this tends to be most people's preference).  Meditating in the evening can be a beautiful way to unwind and quiet down your day if you can be sure to show up for it and not push it until tomorrow.

Commit to your meditation daily no matter how tired, sick, busy, distracted, you feel.  There is always a reason to "do it later".  Try to stick to the time that you allowed for your meditation practice daily, no matter the circumstance.

3. Just Meditate

Try not to get caught up in HOW to meditate or worry about the thoughts that come up, just do.  

Sit in a comfortable position, hips to heels or cross-legged.  Set your timer and take a deep breath.  Begin to shift your focus to your breath.  When thoughts come up or you get distracted (you will!), simply return to your breath.  Some people find it useful to count their breaths by beginning at the first and counting 10 breaths, than coming back to one.  Let whatever comes up come up.  And when that timer goes off, smile in gratitude at the time you just gave to yourself.

A favorite timer of ours is the Insight Timer.  It has some incredible programs and guided meditations.  We love the free meditation timer with various sounds available.  

Once you get regular in your meditation practice, consider adding a mudra to your positioning.  We have published guides on the Anjali mudra, Gyan mudra, Dhyana mudra and Shuni mudra - all of which are beautiful to add to your meditation.

Choose a time of day that you'll be able to regularly commit time to your meditation.

Enjoy + Namaste.

Love, Jenny

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