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7 grounding crystals for fall

Do you feel grounded in your life?

"Be like a tree. Stay grounded. Connect with your roots. Turn over a new leaf. Bend before you break. Enjoy your unique natural beauty. Keep growing." - Joanne Rapits

When I think of the perfect symbol of grounding, it is without question a tree.

Picture a strong tree - an old, strong oak or a giant sequoia - rooted firmly and rising tall. Think about how, because of its strong roots, that tree is able to rise and extend to many branches big and small, with thousands of leaves dangling from its extensions. It is so dynamic and in perfect unison. It can withstand extreme weather and changes. It is focused and does its thing, slow and steady.

Just like trees, we as humans are so dynamic and have thousands of extensions.

When we are rooted we stay present and focused, we extend ourselves and let go of what we no longer need. We cope with the changes around us. We stand tall in who we are, no matter what is happening around us. We thrive.

When we don't feel grounded, even the slightest breeze can knock us off course and damage our strength. We aren't as able to tolerate the extremes and we feel constantly distracted or thrown off-course. We can't show up as our true selves and aren't as capable of having many "branches".

Being rooted or grounded is essential for us to THRIVE. Especially during the fall season, when the air is beginning to get cold and the busy holiday season is just around the corner, it is SO useful to take time to ground. So let's thrive.




There are so many different methods and techniques to initialize and continue grounding. Personally, I love to turn to yin yoga (you can take yin with me for FREE on the MoonRise YouTube Channel!) , meditation (I also have some free meditation resources on the MoonRise Channel) and setting intentions with crystals.

Today I want to share with you 7 of my favorite crystals to use when I'm setting intentions of grounding. I bring them into my yin or meditation practices (or sometimes just sit quietly with them), set intentions with them and then keep them around my space as a reminder. I find it to be SO beneficial.

I hope that these offer up grounding for you too - please don't hesitate to message me if you have any questions about them, I've included my contact information below!



Super Seven is a high-frequency crystal comprised of a potent combination of seven minerals including Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Lepidocrocite, Goethite, Clear Quartz, Rutile and Smokey Quartz. You might also hear of Super Seven referred to as the Melody or Sacred Stone.

I love to use Super Seven to set intentions of :

positivity sleep aid healing purifying + balancing high guidance + inspiration clarity harmonizing attacking feelings of stress and overwhelm calming (yet activating energy)

Super Seven benefits all chakras.

I choose Super Seven as a crystal in my grounding practices because of the balance that super seven offers. If I feel stressed, overwhelmed or pulled in many directions, I use super seven for intentions of balance, which essentially leads to me feeling more grounded (I also love to use it in unison with some of the more traditional grounding stones).

You can learn more about Super Seven and my collection HERE.

My Super Seven collection is from Brazil.


Smokey Quartz is a staple piece to use in your grounding and manifestation work. It is one of the few pieces that I ALWAYS pull out to ground. Just looking at this stone with its earthy tones can provide a visual grounding. This is one of my absolute favorites.

I love to use Smokey Quartz to set intentions of :

calming anxiety clarity + presence banishing negative energy absorbing bad vibrations promoting rational thoughts increasing attention grounding + stabilizing

Smokey Quartz benefits your root chakra.

You can learn more about Smokey Quartz and my collection HERE.

My Smokey Quartz collection is from Brazil.



– Steve Goodier



A staple piece for any collection, selenite has so much versatility. It's not traditionally called on for grounding, however I personally find selenite to be extremely calming and love to turn to it for intentions of stability. The clarity and peace that it offers often allows me to dismiss a lot of the noise, calm down and ground. I love to use it in unison with smokey quartz and/or black tourmaline.

I love to use Selenite to set intentions of :

calming + soothing mental clarity emotional stabilizing instilling deep peace protection connection deep peace

Selenite opens all chakras.

You can learn more about Selenite and my collection HERE.


Blue Chalcedony is such a nuturing stone. I just love it so much. Literally when I glance at it in my space, it calms me. Like selenite, it's not traditionally called upon for grounding, however because of its soothing and stabilizing qualities, I love to use it in unison with more traditional grounding crystals in my practices.

I love to use Blue Chalcedony to set intentions of :

clear communication calming energy balance + stability cooling, relaxing energy dissolving self doubt soothing harmony of mind, body and emotions

Blue Chalcedony benefits Throat + Third Eye Chakras.

You can learn more about Blue Chalcedony and my collection HERE.


Another stone that is not at all traditional in grounding work, but I love to use in unison with other pieces. Opalite is a strong tool in meditation practices and I love it as a stabilizer and for calming intentions. One of my favorite ways to use opalite is to balancing yin + yang energy and this a lot of times kicks off the path to ground for me.

I love to use Opalite to set intentions of : easing transitions improving communication stabilizing mood swings encouraging emotional balance calming + relaxing energy balances yin + yang energy

Opalite benefits Third Eye + Throat Chakras.

You can learn more about Opalite and my collection HERE.


Strawberry Quartz isn't common and again isn't traditionally used to ground, but I LOVE it for grounding. Strawberry Quartz is one that I use to combat feelings of flightiness, and also soothes and calms.

I love to use Strawberry Quartz to set intentions of : positive feelings purify negativity combat feelings of flightiness receiving love calming finding peace and to de-stressing

Strawberry Quartz benefits the Sacral & Heart Chakra.

You can learn more about Strawberry Quartz and my collection HERE.


Back to the traditional ;) Black Tourmaline is one of the staple stones used in grounding practices.

It's extremely powerful in clearing and blocking negative energy and super effective in rooting. It's one of the pieces that I absolutely use when I'm working on grounding.

I love to use Black Tourmaline to set intentions of : blocking negative energy clearing destructive thoughts sparking feelings of peace grounding cleansing  soothing anxiety + tension

Black Tourmaline benefits the Root Chakra.

You can learn more about Black Tourmaline and my collection HERE.


I truly hope that this has been a resource for you, and that it sparks new ideas of habits, practices and rituals that you can turn to to ground when you feel pulled in different directions. I speak of grounding often in my Livestream Classes, on the MoonRise Channel and in my weekly free Sunday Self Care Journal. If you have any questions at all, you can Email Me or DM on Instagram. Have fun and patience with your grounding practices. It takes time but I promise that whenever you spend time on it, it truly makes a significant difference.

Love, Jenny

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