7 little changes to make a big impact on. your world

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

(pictured - my plants sunning themselves before I decide where they should go!)

I'm coming up into the fun side of a move after months of not being sure of what our plans actually were due to the shifting in some way or another every human on the planet has had to make.  

We had been planning for years to purchase our first home, and it happened to coordinate with the events of this spring - job loss, sickness and overall unsurety.

Over the past few months I had a crash course in getting present.  We navigated to buy ourselves a few extra weeks to make our decision and then packed for the unknown.  It wasn't until two weeks ago, right at the very last minute, that we finally had an exact plan.  I feel like I could write an encyclopedia on how to live in the present moment at this point haha!

So now here we are - the packing and moving, reminiscing and cleaning of our old home behind us, ready to unpack (to me this is the fun part!).  

I'm excited for new memories and a CHANGE.


I speak to my yoga students a lot about change.  Heraclitus said "The only constant in life is change".  It's sometimes lovely.  It's sometimes drops the earth from under our feet like 2020 has for most of us.  Change can point out things to us that we didn't realize we needed or wanted.  Sometimes change is planned, other times it's completely unexpected.  Regardless of how expected it was though, it requires a shift of mindset to accommodate.

As change has been on my mind so much due to my own personal situation and the world as a whole, I've been thinking about how a LITTLE change would do us each good (flashback summer of '93 when Sheryl Crow was on repeat for me - you can tell I'm an 80s baby!).  It doesn't need to be an entire move.  And certainly we've all been through more change recently than we would have asked for.  BUT if you're feeling a bit stuck or stagnant, especially if you're staying home more now...consider a little change to shift your perspective and world.