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8 alternative ways to get your girl time in during 2020

Missing your girl time in 2020? Sigh, me too.

Time with friends is ABSOLUTELY a part of self care. Like so many things that have needed to shift or change as humans have taken on being socially responsible for one another's health in the light of the pandemic, not spending time with friends in person is sad and impacts our health on an emotional level. So let's change it sister!

Just because we can't spend time the way we used to doesn't mean that we can't spend time with each other. And who MIGHT just develop a new friend ritual or way to hang out with a long distance buddy that you don't get to see regularly, pandemic or not!





PS did you know that when we spend time with friends, it can have a major impact on our health and well-being? Yup, having positive friendships can bring stress relief, extend our lives, improve our mental health, help us to make good choices for ourselves, increase our self esteem and is beneficial for our cardiovascular health! PLUS all of the obvious perks that come with having a bestie. Win-win!



Seriously...home spa time is so much fun. Sure, it's a little bit of a different vibe than going to a salon or spa to be pampered, but if you used to have a monthly mani-pedi date with your bestie, you'll find that an online home spa date fills the void with the things that really matter. An online home spa date might even give you more flexibility and privacy in your get together, plus it's not nearly as heavy on your wallet!

How it could go down :

Block Your Time. Schedule time where you each can give one another (and your tootsies!) your full attention. Choose non-work time / kids are asleep / you can have some privacy. Pick a time where you can have at least an hour.

Choose Your Treatment. Mani-Pedis? Facial? Maybe you schedule a monthly date and change up your treatment or theme! You could even pre-plan your spa date and order the same foot scrub or facial kit!!!

Try Rosé All Day Sugar Cubes with a glass of Rosé in hand and polish from Essie's Gel Couture line (I'm obsessed with these polishes and even like the way my mani turns out better than in the salon! It dries quick, lasts long, protects my nails and I adore the colors.)

Choose Your Platform. Find the one that works best for your group. My family, friends and I have been using Zoom, but choose the one that you're all most comfortable with. I think that a video conference works best for an online spa date, you gotta see each other's faces to compare polish colors, take facial mask screen shots and do an online cheers!


If you spent regular time getting together with a girlfriend and can't now, it's important you figure out a way to stay in touch. Relationships, like everything else we want in our lives take time and energy. Even though things have shifted now, dedicate the time in a new way. So bring back the chatting for hours excitement circa 1996 when you got your own phone in your room (or ahem cell phone years later if you weren't an 80s baby!) and schedule your phone date.

Give it a set weekly day and time so that it actually happens then pour a glass of wine or brew your favorite tea and catch up on literally everything.





I had to share MY favorite way to spend an hour of self care!

Even though you're not together in person, taking a weekly livestream yoga class with a friend holds you accountable, calms your mind and builds connection. Pick a style and teacher that you both vibe with and then unroll your mat.

I offer up a couple of livestream PAY WHAT YOU CAN yin classes each week. Check out my schedule and sign up here. I'd love to meet you and your friends and guide you through an hour of total bliss!

Pro tip : A lot of times when my family members take my yin livestream classes, we stay on zoom and chat for awhile after class! You could definitely schedule some phone or facetime after class with your friend(s) to catch up!


Love experience-driven time with your friends and feeling crafty? Have a DIY date! There are SO free tutorials that you can choose from (um, hello Pinterest!) and awesome fun kits available. You could plant a succulent terrarium / try your hand at a macrame plant hanger / knit a chunky blanket. (Have fun with this by making your craft FOR each other and then you'll have the added perk of opening a package when yours arrives!). Pick a favorite DIY with your girlfriend(s) and then schedule the date!

How it could go down :

Block Your Time. Schedule a time that works for everyone and you've got an hour or two to have at the project.

Pick Your Project. Decide together on a tutorial or kit. Plan the supplies you need so that you have everything at hand. It might be helpful to have a Pre-DIY-Date phone call to nail down the details.

Choose Your Platform. Definitely schedule a video call for this one! That way you can help guide each other through your projects if you get held up and can take a fun screen shot pic of your finished product!


Ladies throw on those tunes and get your living room! If you loved to go dancing with your friends on a Friday or Saturday night, this is probably something you're missing a ton. I feel you (for over a decade in my prior-to-2020-life I DJ'd every single weekend and MISS the sweaty dance floor!). So you, sister, are in need of a dance break.

How it could go down :

Schedule It. Pick a Friday or Saturday night / a time that you would normally go out dancing.

Pick Your Playlist. Collab on a playlist in spotify or stream music from a favorite DJ!

Choose Your Platform. This will DEFINITELY need to be a video call!

ps - bonus points if you theme out your dance party and match your attire!


Miss throwing up heart hands in an ocean of people at your favorite concert venue and the FEEL of live music? Me too. Going to concerts with friends is a favorite of so many, especially in the summer time. It's not the same, for sure...but streaming a concert online is a great way to keep the music going, support a favorite artist, change up your routine and keep connected with friends. Call up your girlfriend on facetime and have a sing-along!


A girlfriend and I literally just decided we need to have a weekly date to listen to a favorite podcast and then have a wine phone date after. The fun in this idea is that you can really alter it to your friendship.

It could mean a weekly or monthly book club with one or a few buddies where you schedule out a few chapters or an entire book to read and then chat about it after (if you don't feel like organizing it yourself, pick one to join!). If you share a love for a podcast, you could use our idea and have a phone date after to discuss the highlights. Or watch a new movie or series (you guys, does Netflix keep getting you with the major cliff hangers on the last episode of a season and zero released dates for the next season?!) and call to catch up about it after!


Find a movement or cause that you both share a passion for and decide how you can best help. You'll keep each other accountable and driven with fresh ideas by working on it together. So many things can be done from your own homes, or you could wear masks and get out to help if the situation feels responsible and safe. Your friendship will blossom extra when you pay it forward for others! There are so many in need right now and so many incredible movements to support. Showing up as friends can really make a difference.


This year is truly difficult for so many. I'm hopeful that you can be inspired to keep your friendships going strong even if they look a little different right now...and that these ideas provide the friendship self care you're looking for right now.

Love, Jenny

ps ... love these tips? I would LOVE it if you would pin this to come back to, or share with a friend!

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