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8 ways to make sunshine a part of your self care this week

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

In Colorado, it's been shifting from feet and feet of the fluffy white stuff to rays of sunshine over the past couple of weeks and this past week brought sunny blue skies and temperatures tip toeing up towards 70 (calling for 80s this week!). That little glimpse of sunshine amongst the weeks of self isolation during a pandemic has provided me with the little glimpse of hope that I needed to ride through the week.  

We quietly slipped into spring back in mid-March, we've been in the season for over a month now but it's been a bit of a time warp since. The spring equinox not only represents spring, but a struggle between light and dark and shift between the harshness of winter and the awakening of spring. It's more often a turbulent time than a smooth one. This year, the turbulence immersed everything as we know it.

But the glimpse of sunshine that came this week was different. It seemed stronger and full of promise. With the winter season more securely behind, this light represents warmth, the promise of summer, outside time, healthy doses of Vitamin D....a change that will be so welcomed, this year more than ever.



Why is it that sunlight makes us feel good?

Science says that moderate and safe exposure to sunlight can completely shift our mood and focus. Spending some time in the sun boosts serotonin (the happy hormone) levels and helps to calm us. This can literally decrease depression! Moderate exposure to the sunlight is also said to strengthen our bones, help to prevent certain types of cancer (always use strong SPF to protect your skin when spending time in the sun), improve sleep, relieve stress, boost Vitamin D, and provide relief for rheumatoid arthritis, acne and a variety of other conditions.


Feeling the rays in your skies too? Here are some simple self care practices to bring the sunny vibes.

1. Open your blinds, open your windows 

I noticed a couple of weeks ago that I had my blinds closed for weeks without realizing! On a sunny day, opening them was the only thing I needed to brighten up my space - what a shift! Open your blinds and on a warm enough day, open your windows. Let some fresh air in and notice it throughout your day.

2. Sit outside for a little while

If you have an outside space that you can spend some time in, take advantage! Put on your sunblock and spend some time under the rays. Try for at least a few minutes a day, whether that means going outside to stand under the sun, taking a seat in a sunny spot to enjoy your morning lemon water, reading a book outdoors, watching your kiddo play or sitting and observing nature.

3. Take a stroll

Go for a calm walk to enjoy the sun!

4. Windows down in your car

Going somewhere? Crack the windows in your car to enjoy some fresh air.

5. Enjoy a picnic

If you have a space in your yard or near you that you're able to utilize right now, bring a meal outside on a sunny day. Linger and enjoy the rays!

6. Clean up your outside space 

If you have an outside space at your home, spend some time tending to it! Plant some flowers or fruit. Give it some TLC.

7. Sidewalk chalk love  

Sidewalk in front of your space? Draw some happy & sunny drawings. You'll spend some time in the Vitamin D and provide some smiles for those who walk by over the next few days.

8. Bring the outside in

Move some sun-craving plants in your home towards a sunny window and make it a daily practice to check in with them.

Enjoy those rays, Namaste.

Love, Jenny

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