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an autumn self care staycation

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

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We are settling into autumn - with the air getting brisker, pumpkin spice everything, the leaves turning, and layers becoming more necessary. It's a magical change that seems to arrive quickly and surely, with summer already a faint memory.




The fall represents a time of shift, comfort and maturity. It's a bold reminder of the cycle of life and a beautiful time of reflection. It's also an excellent time to check in with YOU - for self reflection and to shift your self care practices a bit, to accommodate where you're at in this specific season.

Self care is any activity that we do deliberately in order to take care of our mental, emotional, and physical health. It's SO important to make time for ourselves, so that we can show up as we want to for the rest of our world. When we put ourselves last or don't make time for our own nourishment, we can't possibly show up as we want to for our family, friends, community and the world beyond us.

Have you ever tried a self care staycation? Nothing that takes a ton of energy or investment, just a day of planned things that feel good for your soul and help you to reset a bit. I highly suggest it seasonally, and I've put together an autumn self care staycation that I hope offers up a dreamy and simple way to show up fully you in this new season.


Just a couple of notes :

  1. Make this your own! Something doesn't sound soothing to YOUR soul? Replace it!

  2. Pre-plan your day. The day or evening before, glance at your staycation schedule to prep your space, recipes or anything you'll need - so that you don't need to gather details day of.

  3. If things fall off schedule day of - no worries, just let it flow. Take the stress off and just lean into however the day feels to you!

  4. Hydrate your body - throughout the day, have water by your side. It's amazing how adding in extra water can make you feel - use today to kick off a great new habit!




of course if you LOVE to get up with the sun, then girl go for it...but if you're used to the run-around and don't get to sleep in very often, close those blinds and linger a bit longer in your comfy sheets. it's such a treat to sleep in without the sound of an alarm every once in awhile - even if you do end up waking at your normal time, let yourself ease out of bed a bit!


do you have a favorite seasonal tea? if not, maybe this is the day to try a new one! some of my seasonal favorites include pumpkin spice, pumpkin chai, cinnamon, anything apple or pear flavored.


if you don't have a regular gratitude practice, today is a great day to start! your gratitude practice could include meditation, journaling, a quick morning or evening reflection - or make it your own! today, try this simple guided gratitude meditation from the moonrise channel. it was created in honor of october's full moon, but can be practiced any day.


if you've followed me and moonrise for a little bit, you'll know that one of my absolute favorite ways to kick off EVERY day is with a your super smoothie. i LOVE how diverse the your super products are and absolutely love to cook with them as well. this pumpkin baked oatmeal recipe is one of my favorite delicious and nutritious ways to kick off a fall morning. try it or YOUR favorite fall breakfast.

ps if you want to hear more about why i love your super products, don't hesitate to reach out...if you do decide to try your super superfood plant based products, please use code MOONRISE to use our community discount!

after breakfast, pull out your journal.

journal prompt:

take a moment to jot down a list of things that you are grateful for moving into this new season.

let yourself write down every single thing that comes to mind, no matter how small or large!


i mean comfiest. favorite pair of sweats? flannel jams? whatever feels AMAZING to ride out the day in, go for those and unbashfully rock them all day long (note : fuzzy socks ON!)


i love to set the tone of the day by diffusing essential oils. essential oils are a healthy way to feng shui your mood, and each oil offers up benefits of their own. in the morning, i tend to lean towards uplifting and awakening scent or blend, and find that it's a gentle yet significant way to energize myself.

my favorite essential oils are revive eo's. they are pure, unrefined, affordable and cruelty free.

i use them daily and have for years.

i am currently in love with this "falling leaves" blend :

2 drops "into the woods"

1 drop eucalyptus

1 drop cedarwood

1 drop cypress

drop into your favorite diffuser and change the vibe of your space!


i'm a firm believer that self care is not always just about bubble baths and spa days. it's the things that feel GOOD FOR YOUR SOUL right? i personally feel like i can show up to the rest of my life better when my space if clean, organized and feels amazing.

AMAZING comes with time. i am certainly not suggesting that you spend your entire day cleaning your all! but if it feels good to you, try picking a room or area in your space that would feel really great to clean up or organize a bit - or consider moving some things around to give your space a fresh feel. give yourself a structured amount of time, and pick an area that isn't overwhelming or a major project. the trick is to go for a small project that allows you to feel really refreshed and lovely in your space moving this season.

ps - this always works even better if you flip on a playlist that you LOVE!


time for a healthy lunch!

i LOVE this vegan chocolate chili recipe (YUP you heard me right, chocolate chili!).

during the fall, i love to pick warm recipes that are full of nutrients. to me, it's the perfect balance of hearty and healthy.

while lunch is cooking or after you're through, open your journal back up.

journal prompt:

what are your go-to self care go-tos for this season? list everything, from the simple to the decadent.


you spent some time this morning prepping your space - now is the time to shift into calm. kick it off with this simple guided calm meditation (join koa and i!) in your fresh space.


time to curl up with your favorite book....and if it lends into a nap then let it BE (again, alarm off!). open up and old favorite or try one that you've been excited to read.

i just finished reading woman code recently, and found it to be SO fascinating and informative - like i wish i had read it 25 years ago important. HIGHLY recommend for women of any age!


wake up from your chill time with a brisk autumn walk...whether it's around your block or on a nearby hiking trail, soak up some vitamin d and fall smells. doesn't need to be anything crazy or intense, just allow yourself to get outside and awaken. take time to notice the temperature, colors and smells of the season.


shift your tone as you move into the evening. go for a rich, grounding fall scent. my absolute favorite revive blend this season is ...

2 drops pumpkin pie

2 drops vanilla

try it, you will LOVE this one all season!


truly, what is a self care staycation without an at home spa treatment?

you could...

paint your nails (mani and or pedi) with a rich warm color (i LOVE these essie gel sets for long-lasting, low maintenance manicures!)

give yourself a seasonal facial

fall scented body scrub

give yourself a foot/hand/arm/head massage


think healthy-hearty once more.

i adore plant based recipes from chocolate covered katie (seriously, ANY of her receipes are amazing) and my family's favorite this season is pumpkin mac & cheese. yum ENJOY!


if you haven't tried yin yoga at home, welcome to your new self care go-to. yin is the art of letting go, mind and body. it's a super relaxing and restorative form of yoga that allows your mind and body to completely melt into relaxation. enjoy this fall equinox yin - it was created in honor of the equinox but is meant to be practiced any time you're looking to ground and calm. perfect for your day today.


this time when you put pen to paper, it's about reflection. after an entire DAY of self care, how do you feel? list out your emotions and don't hold back. you might even choose to make note of a couple of ways that you could lightly infuse some of your favorites from today into your days or weeks moving forward.

how could you help someone else to make time and space for self care into their life?


step into your shower or run a bath. add in your favorite fall-worthy relaxing products like sea salts, bath bombs, essential oils, etc. take your time, take it easy and RELAX!


snuggle back into bed and open your book back up. drift off to sleep peacefully, comfortably, soundly and softly.

I hope that you feel AMAZING after your day of self care. little elements of self care are at your fingertips whenever you need them. a future self care staycation is just a day of planning away. allow yourself to notice when you're needing a little extra love and then schedule it in!

Enjoy the season!


Love, Jenny

ps ... love these tips? I would LOVE it if you would pin this to come back to, or share with a friend!

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