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kindness is my jam : 35 inexpensive ways to pay it forward during this season of gratitude

November 13th is World Kindness Day and happens to be perfect timing to share our list of kind ways to pay it forward during this season. 

Do you believe that KINDNESS and paying it forward can have a boomerang effect?  Kick off a season of gratitude by paying it forward in small ways every day and continue it into your new year.  This world deserves all the love we can share.





Practices to put into place to create extra smiles during this season of gratitude and beyond.

1.  Leave sticky notes on bathroom mirrors that say "you're beautiful".

2.  Shovel a neighbor's sidewalk and driveway.

3.  Donate your leftovers to someone who is hungry. 

4.  Spend time going through your closet and donate the things you no longer someone who does. 

5.  Purchase gloves, hats, blankets, socks at the dollar store and keep them in your trunk to give to someone who needs them. 

6.  Donate your time to your favorite cause or charity. 

7.  Smile at people. 

8.  Purchase coffee for the next person in line. 

9.  Purchase coffee for someone who needs to warm up on a cold day. 

10.  Leave sticky notes with positive messages wherever you go. 

11.  Give a gift to a child who wouldn't otherwise receive one this holiday season. 

12.  Donate your favorite inspirational book to someone who could use a good read.

13.  Pick up trash when you see it. 

14.  Every day for the rest of the year - send a handwritten note to someone you are thankful for.

15.  Support your friends by promoting their businesses, blogs, brands and causes.

16.  Take the time to leave a positive review for a small business that has made a difference in your life. 

17.  Take the time to speak with a manager to praise an employee that has done an outstanding job.

18.  Gift a plant and note to someone who needs a smile.

19.  Help an elderly person load their groceries into their vehicle.

20.  Notice a mom or dad with their hands full in line at the grocery store?  Offer to unload their groceries from their cart as you wait in line. 

21.  Let someone in line behind you with just a few items go before you. 

22.  Donate a yoga class to someone who cannot afford it.

23.  Compliment people.

24.  Begin your day by texting something positive to someone that you love.

25.  Write a message on a friend's facebook wall sharing something you love about them.

26.  Become someone's mentor & help them make their dreams come true.

27.  Offer your services for free to someone in need or to a charitable cause.

28.  Forgive the little things that come up in your day.

29.  Eat more plants.

30.  Give up your seat to someone who needs it more.

31.  Wait a few extra moments at the door to hold it for the next person walking up.

32.  Write an email to a co-worker expressing your gratitude to them.

33.  See a parking meter about to expire?  Add a few coins to it.

34.  Write a random note to someone expressing at length the gratitude that you have for them and why the world is a better place with them in it.

35.  Introduce yourself to your yoga mat neighbor and give them a compliment.

Check out this inspirational video from Life Vest Inside about the kindness boomerang!

Do you believe that KINDNESS and paying it forward can have a boomerang effect?

Have a beautiful season of gratitude.  Let's show up for each other and make spreading kindness the regular.


I truly hope that this has been a resource for you, and that it sparks new ideas of habits, practices and rituals that you can turn to to ground when you feel pulled in different directions. I speak of grounding often in my Livestream Classes, on the MoonRise Channel and in my weekly free Sunday Self Care Journal. If you have any questions at all, you can Email Me or DM on Instagram. Have fun and patience with your grounding practices. It takes time but I promise that whenever you spend time on it, it truly makes a significant difference.

Love, Jenny

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