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may self care ritual : quartz crystal salt bath cleanse

The encouragement & recognized benefits of bathing in salt water dates back to ancient times.

Salt baths have long been used to moisturize the skin, aid in inflammation, improve the skin barrier, decrease stress, soothe pain, stimulate circulation, relieve stiff joints, detoxify the body, aid with insomnia, replenish electrolytes, balance alkaline/acid levels, regulate blood sugar, boost circulation/aid cardiovascular health, soothe the body, boost nerve function, relieve muscle spasms & menstrual cramps.

...alongside the long list of physical benefits to soaking in a salt bath, there is something extra special and extra calming about incorporating this ritual into your self care routine.

The dedicated time.

Putting your devices down.

Diming the electric lights and lighting your favorite candle.

The sound and smell of the water running.

The addition of salt to the water, the smell of the EO.

The soak and relaxation.

It is one of my top go-to self care suggestions, and an easy & inexpensive ritual to incorporate into your day, week or month.

What is your favorite benefit of salt baths? What do you notice after bathing in salt?





One thing that I love about this ritual is that it can be done daily, weekly, at the new moon, or randomly as you're called to it. You can dedicate 5 min or hours to it! I'm sharing a simple ritual idea...take it and make it your own each time you come back to it!

Gather :

Himalayan Salt & EO Mix (see BELOW for recipe)

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders & or any other candles you love

Quartz Crystal (or any crystal that is intriguing you towards cleansing. Shop my favorites HERE)

Quiet, relaxing music (check out some MoonRise Self Care Yin Yoga playlists HERE)

Journal & pen (if you would like, for thoughts that arise)

Sound bowl / chime / bell (optional)

A cup of your favorite tea (I love NEW MOON HOLISTICS)

A hand towel / wash cloth


Ritual :

Take a few minutes before beginning to really quiet and ground your space. Let anyone in your home know that you're hoping for some quiet time. Finish up anything that you need on your devices and then put them down. Gather your supplies and place it all in the bathroom. Wash off your makeup. Dim the lights. Take a deep breath, meditate, or sit in child's pose for a minute to ground down - so that you can fully show up for your bath.

If you have a sound bowl, chime or bell that you love, use it in your bathroom to clear & reset the energy a bit.

Set up & light your candles; turn on your music (note - the music will seem louder once you turn your bath water off, I have learned to test my volume before starting the water!). Place your crystal near your bath (be careful if it's a crystal that cannot take water!). Place your journal & pen nearby with your hand towel / wash cloth. Put your tea where you can reach it in the bath.

Turn on your water and begin finding the temperature that feels good to start. Add a scoop or so of your Himalayan Salt & EO Mix to the bath and use this time as the water is running and your ritual is beginning to think of your intentions : Why am I dedicating this time? What in my life am I looking to cleanse or release a bit? How does thinking about releasing this make me feel? What would my life look like with this thing shifted or released?

When your bath water is ready, slip in and allow yourself to settle and get grounded & calm for the first few minutes. Take deep breaths. Take a sip of your tea. Just allow yourself to notice the calm sensations around you. Stay here in this calm and present moment as long as you wish.

Hold or gaze at your crystal and come back to your intention. That thing that you're releasing, the way that it would open up your life....come back to those thoughts and stay there for awhile. What does this crystal symbolize in honor of your intention for you moving forward? Each time you notice it moving forward, allow it to be a symbol of this moment for you.

Drying your hands with your wash cloth, if you have any thoughts that you wish to remember, use your journal and pen.

Stay in your bath for as little or as long as you would love. When you are finished, drink some water and dry off; head to a home yin practice, meditation or bed. Place your crystal somewhere that you'll notice it regularly, coming back to your intention over and over again. Use it in your practice and keep it around you.



This is a simple and divine salt bath mix that you can mix with any essential oil that you please.

Gather :

1 cup Himalayan Pink Salt

1 cup Epsom Salts

1 tsp Fractionated Coconut Oil

10-12 drops of your favorite essential oil *

Recipe :

Mix all ingredients together in a lovely dish that you can store your mix in. That is it! ENJOY :)

* there is an abundance of essential oils that you can use in this mix, it truly depends on what you're going for. I love, use and recommend dōTERRA oils exclusively. For the purposes of a cleansing bath, I suggest one of the following oils (please note : always check to be sure that you're not allergic to the essential oil by spot testing) :

Rosemary - I love to use Rosemary EO for lowering stress levels.

Lavender - Everyone's fave, Lavender EO is a staple for calming your mind.

Bergamot - I love the calm awakening that Bergamot EO offers, it brings you to the present moment & grounds you.

Frankincense - associated with purification, this ancient EO clears out energy and relaxes

Peppermint - for an uplifting refresh, Peppermint EO awakens and clears

Chamomile - to nourish your spirit and calm your mind.


I truly hope that this has been a lovely resource for you, and that it sparks new ideas of habits, practices and rituals. I invite you to practice with me in my Livestream Classes, on the MoonRise Channel and in my weekly free Sunday Self Care Journal. If you have any questions at all, you can Email Me or DM on Instagram.

xo, Jenny

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