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self care for a chilly morning : 11 ways to stay warm + cozy!

So if you know me even a little, you probably know about me that I'm a total beach girl who is living in Colorado and really really doesn't like the cold (gasp!). Like at all. So until I someday work my way towards a tropical climate,I have learned that I need to give myself a little extra love during the chilly season.

What kind of weather is YOUR favorite? Have you found ways to change up your self care during weather that doesn't make you feel your best?




As I've studied self care on a deeper level, I've definitely learned that the way you show up for yourself isn't a all. Things like weather, environments, people around you and circumstances can change how you need to show up for yourself in a split second. And it's important to listen - truly it means the difference between having anxiety kick in or not, being your happiest or not, having energy or not - the list goes on.

So for me, I've learned that setting myself up correctly for a chilly day makes all the difference in the world for me. I put together some of my favorite ways to stay cozy & kick the day off right on a chilly morning!

1.  Hot Water Bottle In Bed At My Feed

Have you ever placed a hot water bottle at your feet in bed on a chilly night? You wouldn't think it would work but it truly works SO WELL to warm up your entire body on a chilly night, and I find that it keeps me warmer into the morning. I use one that specifically made to be safe in bed, and love the cozy covers that they have. THIS is my favorite and inexpensive hot water bottle with cover.

2.  Comfy Socks, The Fuzzier The Better

I have definitely noticed that if I cover my feet up, I'm instantly warmer. I've been obsessed with fleecy fuzzy socks this season and also love wearing comfy slippers! It helps so much.

3.  Hot Water or Tea First Thing

I've spoken before about the benefits to drinking warm water or warm lemon water first thing in the morning, ANY time of year or weather. It seriously offers up so much (you can read more about some of the benefits HERE.). On a chilly day though, this helps to warm me off and kick off the day correctly. I love it so much that you'll typically find me with a cute mug full of warm water or tea next to me throughout the day!

4.  Let The Sun Shine In

If there is any sun trying to peek out of the clouds, LET IT IN! Open up your blinds and try to capture as much of those vitamin D rays as you can.

5.  Check In On Your Vitamin D Levels

I can't stress enough staying on top of your vitamin levels. I've come to realize how important this is over the past few years. Schedule regular bloodwork with your wellness team. In particular check in on your vitamin D levels and come up with a game plan to stay within the recommended range (especially October through April) with your care provider. For me, that looks like doubling my Vitamin D supplements over the winter months since I get less of it from the sun - absolutely talk to your trusted team to see what they recommend for you and your unique needs.

*I am not qualified to give medical advice and am only sharing my experience, please always speak with your wellness team before changing your health regime.

6.  Eat A Healthy WARM Breakfast

I will admit that I'm slow to get on board with this one each season, but once I shift towards this habit it makes a massive difference for me. I'm a breakfast smoothie girl and it always takes me a few weeks or so into the cold season to adjust out of my warm weather habit of breakfast. TRULY once I make the shift though, it warms me up for the whole day. There are so many healthy warm breakfast options out there - pick one that is simple, delicious and nutritionally what you're looking for and I promise it will warm you right up!

7.  Workout In The AM

Here's another one that doesn't come naturally for me - working out in the morning. I LOVE leaning into my workouts in the evening, that is just me. I do truly find though that when the weather is chilly, nothing warms me up like a workout. It could be a brisk walk all bundled up or streaming a workout at home - either way, when I make time to move my body in the morning, it really does warm up my muscles and keep me warm throughout. I love to take a warm shower afterwards.

8.  Set Up Fireside

If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace, shift your work space for the day and set up fireside. Not only is the fire so warming but the coziness is a total energy shift.

9.  Chunky Blanket

Don't forget your favorite chunky blanket. Seriously, whether you're chilling on the couch, working from home, headed out into the car for awhile or working in the office - if you can bring a warm blanket with you, DO IT and wrap up! Surround yourself with warmth.

10.  Embrace The Season

This one is easier said than done (WAY easier said than done for me).....but I'm going to say it because it does always end up working for me. Embrace the season. For me, the fact of the matter is that I DO live in Colorado and not beach side in a tropical environment. I can long for the beach as much as I want but until I end up there, I'm still facing cold days and snow during the fall, winter and spring. I try not to fight it too much. I try to lean into the things that I do love about the chilly season (layers of comfy clothes, planning for the holidays, warm recipes and everything cozy). It truly helps to have an attitude shift.

11.  Donate To Someone In Need

During chilly days, I'm constantly thinking of others in need. The cold weather reminds me how fortunate I am that I have heat, that I can eat a warm meal, put on layers of warm clothes, wrap myself in a blanket and sit fireside. So many can only dream of these things. Any chance I can, I try to help. I regularly research the services and places around me that truly get my donated items to the people who need them. I keep a bag of extra warm clothes and a blanket in my car in case I see someone who needs them when I'm out. I try to regularly look for opportunities that I can help others stay warm.

Thanks for reading and I hope that some of these tips help! Stay warm!


I truly hope that this has been a resource for you, and that it sparks new ideas of habits, practices and rituals that you can turn to to ground when you feel pulled in different directions. I speak of grounding often in my Livestream Classes, on the MoonRise Channel and in my weekly free Sunday Self Care Journal. If you have any questions at all, you can Email Me or DM on Instagram. Have fun and patience with your grounding practices. It takes time but I promise that whenever you spend time on it, it truly makes a significant difference.

Love, Jenny

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