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when winter hits

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

I've realized this year that winter really hits me in early January.  

It's not a season that I love, and it comes on stronger each year.  

In the fall and early part of winter, I'm in a flutter of getting excited about sweaters and boots, cozy fireplace time, warm yoga studios and sweet holiday traditions.

But as soon as the buzz starts to settle, the stark reality sets in.  The combination of the decreasing vitamin D levels until the spring shift, the gray skies and the cold hit me quite hard and I do feel it more as I age.


I don't have the answer to erasing this shift that settles in unwaveringly.  But I have stepped back and looked at it more curiously this year instead of succumbing to it or fighting it.  And I've put into place some little tools that truly bring a little more warmth.


1. I've purchased a few plants.  

(Mighttttt have been more than a few).  Surrounding my space with growth is always uplifting, and it's really helped this season.

2. I slowed down.  

A yoga student of mine was telling me last week about how her word for the year is ease.  I related to this on so many levels.  

3. I'm beginning each day with room temp lemon water.  

I have played with this on and off in the past but have been really aligned with it this season.  Drinking lemon water first thing energizes me for the morning and helps get me going for the day.

4. I am cleaning & minimizing a bit.  

Does cleaning sometimes feel like self care to you too?  It really does for me sometimes.  Especially when it's to organize a part of my life or space in a different way that will serve me better.  In remembering that this actually feels really good and coming to the task over and over in different ways, it's helped to shift a cold day.  I'm spring cleaning over here a little early this year.

5. I've been incorporating more super foods into my diet.

This has simultaneously triggered me to crave less sugar and more whole foods all around.  I really see the correlation between what I'm putting into my body and how I'm feeling. 

6. I am really listening to my needs.  

Tired?  I'm taking a nap.  Not feeling the studio?  I'm practicing at home.  Burnt out?  I'm saying no and slimming down my schedule.  Actually listening to what I'm needing moment to moment has been essential this season.      

7. I'm surrounding myself with things that I love.  

Getting present with my family.  Work that excites me.  I'm seeking education where I'm curious.

8. I'm trying to be available for connections.  

I get into shut down mode during this time of year and feel more introverted.  I'm listening to that when I need to, but also trying to really keep up communication and connections where it feels great.  I've seen a shift by staying conscious of this.


What are your self care go to's when winter hits?

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