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why & how to cleanse & charge your crystals under the full moon

Updated: Aug 6, 2020


It's the full moon and time to celebrate everything that you've been working towards!

If you're crystal obsessed like I am, the full moon is also a great opportunity to CLEANSE + CHARGE your crystals.





Crystals travel a great distance and are around many people before they get to you. Crystals absorb energy from their surrounds as well as from people - even the energy from your own home and interactions. Cleansing your crystals brings them back to an energetic neutral state.

Recharging your crystals is said to keep their properties strong, however some experts agree that if you cleanse your crystals enough, there is no reason to charge them. I personally love to cleanse and then charge my crystals under the light of the full moon as a part of a ritual where I set some new intentions with them (and I figure that a moon bath can't hurt!)

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Here's my full moon ritual - feel free to use this ritual yourself, and add or subtract anything to make it right for you! I try to do this on the night of the full moon, however it can be done the night prior or after the full moon as well. Have fun (it's simple and awesome)!


I personally love to smudge my crystals. Once I bring them to the space where I'm going to charge them under the moonlight (I personally charge mine outdoors), I light sandalwood or sage and immerse each crystals in the smoke for roughly 30 seconds. I try to take my time with this process, reflecting back over the past month in gratitude.

*note you could definitely do this inside, and the smoke of sandalwood or sage is great for cleansing your indoor space as well, however if you are sensitive to the smoke or smell, I urge you to find an outdoor spot.


I let my crystals stay out the entire evening of the full moon! I keep them in the same area that I cleansed them. Some experts agree that it is more significant to place your crystals literally on the earth to charge, others don't have a preference. I typically leave mine on a table outdoors. You can definitely leave them on a windowsill as well.

* note be careful if it rains! Many common crystals like selenite will DISSOLVE and I would hate for this to happen to your precious crystals. Crystals like selenite which are super sensitive to the moisture could technically even dissolve in super humid weather. If it's looking like rain, I would personally charge mine on a windowsill or under a skylight instead.

I let my crystals sit out for a few hours after the sunrise before I go to them. Once I'm ready for them to come back in, I spend some time meditating with them before collecting them and placing them around my home once more. I use this time again to express gratitude and to set intentions for myself and my freshly cleansed and charged crystals.

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That's it! I hope that you learned how simple and fun of a process it is to cleanse and charge your crystals under the full moon. I would love to hear what rituals you love to incorporate!

Enjoy the full moon and your freshly cleansed + charged beauties!

Love, Jenny

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