SUPER SEVEN | personal ascension


Super Seven is a RARE stone made up of seven gemstones naturally occurring together : amethyst, quartz, smokey quartz, cacoxenite, rutile, goethite, lepidocrocite.  It holds the properties of all 7 stones.


I love to use Super Seven in my intention practices for :


aiding in sleep

assisting in healing

purifying + balancing

high guidance + inspiration

exceptional clarity

harmonizing the body

cellular memory + immune system

attacking feelings of stress and overwhelm

calming AND activating energy

and my favorite…processing lingering thoughts and emotions


Super Seven opens, balances and cleanses all Chakras.


From the earth, to you : my super seven collection is mined in Brazil




SIZING (apx) :

- 2.5 inches

- .2 kg


- My pieces are ethically sourced, it’s of the utmost importance to me.
- All of my pieces are hand selected to get the highest quality to you.
- All pieces include a personalized note with stone information, and a gift.

- I will ship your new beauty within one business day.
- I package all pieces with great care and label them fragile.  
- It is extremely unlikely that your stones will be damaged during the transit process.  
- I cannot be held responsible for stones that are broken after transit.



I created MoonRise Self Care to be a space for you to tap into your own self care and so that I can provide resources for you to continue creatively weaving self care into your life.  I am a yoga teacher and self care specialist, and am immersing myself in an education in healing stones.  I am passionate about kindly delivering hand picked, ethically sourced stones to my community - from the earth into your hands.    


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Polished Super Seven (approx 2.5", .2 kg)