TROLLEITE | awakening + manifesting
(very rare!)

Releases fears and pains
Mental clarity
Rapid growth + healing
Works at cellular level to bring up past memories
Offers releasing + healing
Quick to release negative energies
Meditation + dream work

Opens all chakras.

From the earth, to you - my Trolleite is from Brazil.

1 point is apx
- 4 inches
- 136 grams

- My pieces are ethically sourced, it’s of the utmost importance to me.
- All of my pieces are hand selected to get the highest quality to you.
- All pieces include a personalized note with stone information, and a gift.

- I will ship your new beauty within one business day.
- I package all pieces with great care and label them fragile.  
- It is extremely unlikely that your stones will be damaged during the transit process.  
- I cannot be held responsible for stones that are broken after transit.

I created MoonRise Self Care to be a space for you to tap into your own self care - either with me in person or online - and so that I can provide resources for you to continue creatively weaving self care into your life.  I am a yoga teacher and self care specialist, and am immersing myself in an education in healing stones.  I am passionate about kindly delivering hand picked, ethically sourced stones to my community - from the earth into your hands.

If you're looking for a specific stone, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.  I love helping source for my clients and have access to a large variety of pieces. 

You can connect with me at - sign up for my Sunday Self Care Journal free newsletter, or take a donation based virtual yin yoga class with me (I encourage practice with your stones often!)     


Trolleite Double Terminated Crystal (approx 136g)